Business Features

With virtual faxing through our electronic “X-FAX” Services you can send and receive faxes online via email, or through your mobile device or tablet. Our Audio Conferencing capabilities include branded conference rooms and video calling, so there is no need for expensive third party services.

Our X-FAX™ service is secure and reliable with complete virtual functionality, so faxes can be sent or received via your smart phone or tablet. Access to our Web Portal allows you further flexibility to send and receive faxes online for when you’re on the go.

Faxes can be sent or received via email. Improve collaboration by sending files (up to 250 pages per fax) and up to 20 email recipients at on time.

Send an audio message to as many 10-digit phone numbers or 3-4 digit extension numbers as you like. This feature is perfect for weather alerts, promotional recordings, or office closings.

This feature allows you to converse two-way via your desk phone’s speaker or route to an overhead speaker system for a company broadcast. If you set up your cell phone as an extension you can intercom to any desk phone on your system.

Schedule your phone to ring whenever you need a reminder, or even a “Wake-Up Call” like a hotel.

This allows for multiple parties to be bridged together onto a single call (can be optionally secured with a PIN number). Our Interactive Conferencing Controls provides you the ability to see the list of callers in the Conference. You can transfer active calls to a Conference Center, see who is talking, kick, mute, unmute, deaf, or un-deaf any participant on the call as well as deny entry to those who are late dialing in—to not disrupt the meeting.

This feature allows for you to customize conference rooms to serve the needs of your business. You can personalize your conference greeting with every conference call.

This feature was designed for Lawyers, Accountants, and Service Professionals who bill by time spent on the phones. Users can assign and track time spent on the phone with customers by account code or account name. Summary and detail reports can be exported as a PDF or CSV file.

“BYON” – Bring Your Own Number, DID, Toll Free, Fax or Vanity Numbers, when you switch to VoIPX.

Rather than emailing a dial-up number and PIN, enter as many 10-digit phone numbers or 3-4 digit extension numbers you want on your call and have them placed directly into conference.

This feature acts as a PA system for a single phone, select group of phones, or overhead speaker system for broadcast.


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