Calling Features

All VoIPX service plans come with an entire suite of calling features ensuring productivity and flexibility in the workplace and allowing you to focus on your business needs while driving it forward. We’re in the business of business too; we get it.

When you’re on the phone, a tone will play to alert you that you have another incoming call.

This feature allows an authorized user to enter or “barge” into a call in progress and speak to either party on that call without the other side hearing them. They can even enter the call and speak with both sides, if needed. This can also be used when the “barging in” party has an audible need to reach someone on a call in progress or monitor a call.

Allows you to silence calls and have them go directly to voice mail.

For 911 calls, we have what is known as “E-911”, or Enhanced 911. We pre-provision your information with the closest Public Safety Answering Point when you sign up for our service. Should you ever have to dial 911, all of your information will be on file with them.

Anyone in your company, whether they sit domestic or international, are on-site or on the road, can dial extension to extension without incurring toll charges or using up minutes on a plan.

If you missed your last call, *69 will retrieve it for you, just like your home phone or current office lines that are analog or non-VoIP based.

If anonymity is important when making a call, *67 will block your Caller ID just like your home phone or current office lines that are analog or non-VoIP based.

Allows you to automatically forward your calls to another extension or phone number, so you never miss a call.

This feature is equipped to both park and un-park calls in the same Parking Lot or in a virtual location and have the call retrieved by another extension. This feature can help with routing incoming calls.

Calls can be transferred, internally or externally, and with or without a prior announcement.

When a call comes in you will see both the calling party’s name (when available) and their incoming number on your display.

You can set your Caller ID on a per-extension level or companywide.

In areas where 10-digit dialing is either permissible or required, you can prepend your area code and it will be automatically inserted when placing outgoing calls.

All extensions, including ring groups, can be configured to ring in succession or simultaneously.

Allows you to talk with 2 people at the same time.

Voice mailboxes can be set up for an employee or a department. Each can play their own recording and can store up to 100 messages at a time. Voicemail can be retrieved remotely as well at their desk.


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