System Features

VoIPX’s system features are where we differentiate ourselves from a legacy analog phone system. Multi-level IVR’s, Ring Groups, and a Virtual Receptionist are just some of the options that come built in, allowing you to tailor your phone system to the specific needs of your business.

You can play recorded music to fill the silence while your caller is on hold. These can be uploaded via a WAV or MP3 file and can include a business, marketing, or sales message. Music on Hold can be customized per extension or companywide.

Both internal and external directory dial capabilities allow you to search by first or last name.

For those that operate multiple companies or a conglomerate under the same roof, our Hosted PBX allows you to set up each company under the same domain. Our Phone Line Identifier logic allows you to see what specific phone number, along with the Company Name, your customer is dialing in on, i.e. #ABC Financial will scroll across your phone’s display. You can also set up unique pathways to allow for multiple IVR’s letting you manage all of your businesses though just one phone system.

“Interactive Voice Recording” is a type of Auto-Attendant technology that allows your customer to interact with your company via a pathway through their keypad. You can program a prerecorded greeting that provides an internal roadmap to your company’s employees and departments. For example, press 1 for sales, 2 for finance, 3 for customer service, or simply dial by extension or name. This option is virtually limitless letting you create as many Auto or Sub Attendants as you need.

VoIPX supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian and Swedish. New languages are constantly being added.

VoIPX has fully redundant data centers that have been built from the ground up, over a decade ago. Backed by a natural gas generator and multiple Tier 1 fiber providers, we have your PBX completely backed up in our private Cloud.

Using Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys on your phone, you can see the status of extensions on your system that are in use, you can park and un-park calls, or use BLFs with Call Flows for day/night modes.

This feature can block specific inbound phone numbers by the Caller ID.

This feature is in essence an “on/off” switch located directly on the phone, letting you toggle between Day/Night modes. This feature allows for manual overrides to what’s programmed in the PBX for “on the fly” call-routing; i.e. if you step out to lunch.

You can “intercept” and pick up a call ringing on someone else’s desk, when or if they have stepped away.

Allows someone to answer another call that is coming in, even if that call is directed to another extension.

This plugin allows you to seamlessly dial any outbound number from your Outlook or any web driven business tool, such as a CRM system to initiate a call.

This feature is used to create a single extension number that can ring multiple extensions simultaneously or in succession.

This feature allows you to program different “Time Patterns” and/or locations for call handling; this is done by directing calls to different extensions, Ring Groups, or IVR’s, by time of day, day of week, week of month, or holidays.

With your VoIPX Hosted PBX, we don’t share your resources with others; each of our customers is on their own designated domain. We also don’t make you reserve blocks of extensions in advance so you can keep to the same numbering sequence as you build your business.

This feature is perfect for small companies who want to give a big appearance. You can setup a scripted recording for the Virtual Receptionist/Auto Attendant to play, and IVR capabilities are not required. A Virtual Receptionist can also provide companies who do have IVR’s the flexibility to have your receptionist send the next incoming call to the Virtual Receptionist for processing, if they are currently on the phone or away from their desk.

This feature will transcribe your voice mails and automatically send you the message as a text.


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