VoIPX is a premiere and tenured provider of Hosted IP Telephone Solutions to the business customer.

Powered by NACT©, a 30+ year old equipment-based communications manufacturer established in 1982, we host all of your telecom needs using our cloud-based platform. Designed from the ground up by our team of engineers, VoIPX delivers your business a turn-key solution for all of your telecommunications needs.

Whether you’re a “Solopreneur” or an Enterprise with 15 satellite offices, VoIPX can design solutions to fit any size business.


Hosted PBX

VoIPX’s cloud-based PBX is an all-in-one phone system for your business. Say goodbye to costly set-ups, complex hardware, and long lead times.
Preprogrammed in our labs, VoIPX will ship you you state-of-the-art phones that you simply plug into the computer.

Cutting Edge Technology + Reliability = VoIPX PBX

With over 55 features, VoIPX has a custom tailored solution that will help make your business more successful.

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) Trunking is as scalable and tailor-made solution to transport and manage all your company’s voice traffic with higher voice quality and lower cost of ownership. With flexible plans, affoardable pricing, and feature-rich capabilities, VoIPX delivers an alternative to how you communicate today.

Using our secure and private cloud-based platform, VoIPX SIP Trunking Solutions allows you to leverage your investment in your existing PBX system including phones and other equipment already purchased.

By directly connecting your SIP phones to our SIP service, you eliminate the capital expense for additional PBX hardware and avoid ineddiciencies associated with protocol conversions that can effect voice quaility.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

With legacy trunking, you have a single point of connection to your service provider. If something should happen to that connection you could lose dial tone. With VoIPX SIP Trunking, we have multiple IP connections to maintain your services along with diverse Internet protocols that allow us instantaneous failover options in the event of an outage.

Scaling with our SIP Trunking Solutions also comes with zero restrictions. You can augment your port capacity independent of your existing carrier, order the trunks your business needs today, and new ones as you need them.

International Calling

VoIPX offers International Calling, International Conferencing, International DID, and International Toll-Free options for your business. With crystal clear connections and low rates, VoIPX makes it simple and affordable to conduct business overseas

If your business has you calling overseas often, contact us about our “Frequent Dialer Programs” to receive additional cost savings for destinations you call the most.


Today the need for a fax machine is no longer necessary, but some people still feel more comfortable using the standard machine they’ve always had. Thanks to VoIPX you no longer have to choose!

For those who prefer to use a standard machine, try our FoIP (Fax over IP) service. Plug your existing fax machine into our FoIP adapter box and you’re ready to go! For those who prefer a more modern take on faxing we offer e-fax capabilities with tons of unexpected features such as:

  • Send up to 250 pages per fax without worrying about fax machines jamming, pages not transmitting properly, or the receiving party running out of paper.
  • Fax others directly from your email by typing in the recipient fax number; i.e.
  • Improve collaboration by sending faxes to up to 20 recipients at one time via email.
  • Customize your footer to include your electronic signature, if that’s required on a document.
  • Alternatively, sending faxes from our full-featured web portal allows you to send .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .pdf, .tif and a variety of other document types.

While there’s no need for a fax machine, you can keep it if you prefer (using the Smart ATA).

Keep your fax number and use your computer or mobile device to send and receive faxes.

VoIPX Now offers X-Cast:
Our premium Broadcast Service

Outbound Conference Bridge Dialing
Nowadays, it is impossible to have all your employees in one location at the same time, and conferencing has become an essential part of every business. Sure, we can give you a Dial-In Number and Meeting ID and you can email the recipients via a calendar invite.

But why be normal?
So we have taken this one step further…

  • What if you could preschedule a conference call, enter the invited participants phone numbers, and our intelligent software would automatically call them;
  • At which point, the recipients’ phones would all start ringing immediately, displaying your number, or even “1234567890”, so they knew it was you;
  • Then, when they answer the call, they would instantly be placed into conference;

Cloud-Based Hosted
White Label Program

Our white label solutions allow you to diversify your portfolio. It gives you entry into new vertical markets with sticky, high margin revenue at low start-up costs.


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